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Cajun Outcast Inshore Charters Target Fish Species

Are you looking for an unforgettable Louisiana fishing experience that will leave you hooked? Look no further than the Cajun Outcast Inshore Charter! Our knowledgeable and experienced guides will take you on a journey through some of the most beautiful waters in Louisiana, where you'll have the opportunity to catch a variety of fish species.

Common Questions

What is the best fishing bait in Louisiana?

The best fishing bait in Louisiana depends on the type of fish being targeted. In our trips, Capt. Chad will take care of this so all you have to do is to have fun and focus in fishing.

What month is best to fish in Louisiana?

The best month to fish in Louisiana varies depending on the target fish species, but generally, the months from March to November are good for fishing. We have trips all-year round so you'll have plenty of time to fish with us.

What fish are in Louisiana saltwater?

Louisiana saltwater is home to a wide variety of fish species including redfish, speckled trout, flounder, black drum, and sheepshead. Capt. Chad specialize in these type of fish and will guarantee that you will catch your dream fish.

A Cajun Outcast Inshore Charters Fishing Charter targets the top Louisiana Fish species including Speckled Trout (Also Called Spotted Sea Trout, ) Redfish (Also Called Red Drum) Southern Flounder (Also Called Flounder ), Black Drum (Also Called Drum,), Sheepshead (Also Called Convict Fish). We primarily Fish the Breton Sound, Biloxi Marsh .